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To speak, or not to speak, that is the question

Put your heart in your words and dare to show up. These moments differentiate people who say they really want something but give up when it’s difficult or it is not something that others expect from them, from those who stay committed and believe not only in themselves but also in their dreams. These moments are when you are willing to get rid of fear and be courageous and write your own story.


My Professional Background 

is in Public Relations and Multimedia Project Management. After thirteen years working for a media corporation in Prague in the Communication Department, I’ve moved to a private business sector to work with small businesses on communication and marketing strategy. Since 2015 I’ve been studying visual communication and added professional photography and later videography to my professional portfolio.

I believe a clear message combined with high-quality visuals enhance the brand’s positioning and build a connection of the brand with customers.

“Larisa is highly regarded by peers and supervisors for her efficiency, reliability and highest standards of professionalism. In addition, I should mention that Larisa has an exceptionally pleasant personality and good sense of humour. She was a pleasure to work with for me and my team in the President’s office.”

Dr. Jeffrey Gedmin

Chairman. Global Politics and Security, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service; Senior Director, Blue Star Strategies; Co-Director, Transatlantic Renewal Project

So what do I do?

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Work with me


“People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

Video is the fastest way for your audience to connect and get a better sense of you. There is no other medium that lets your audience to see the whole picture – the content you share, your personality, voice, and body language. It’s like meeting you in person.

Video is also a great way to inspire and engage, share your knowledge and the good things you’re trying to bring into the world.

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You’re not looking for a complicated process. That’s why I provide an easy video production system that guides you each step:

  1. Strategy: we’ll work together to clarify your message and find the story that focuses on the most important aspects of your offer;
  2. Production: we’ll rehearse and run a test recording of your presentation before shooting a video;
  3. Review and Share: after you review the video and all necessary changes are made, the video is ready to be shared on your website and social media channels.

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Transformation is a core desire for every human being. And self-development is the way to transform, it is the best investment in ourselves that we can make – be it through a coaching or an education program. I love working with businesses that help us experience transformation, help us evolve, stay committed and take massive actions until we get the results we want and celebrate our success.