to market products and services by storytelling and visual representation.

Stories allied with unique visuals enhance the brand’s positioning and foster relationship between customers and brands.

This marketing strategy delivers a long list of benefits that translate to higher sales, higher profit margins and higher owner value.




A powerful woman’s keynote speech – Ambassador Barbara C. Richardson

“The barriers that women have in the past and the barriers that they face today are significant. However, what I think and what I find very inspiring is that none of these obstacles could stop us from seeking opportunities, to prevent us from finding our own happiness and implement our own vision in life – and we did it. We do it. We jump over the barriers, we climb over them and we overcome them.”

3 things that will make you win in life

Everybody wants to be healthy, happy and successful. And what everybody really needs in order to have this – is a sense of meaning. That is Viktor Frankl’s philosophy. He had a practical prescription on how we can find the meaning in life:  (1) by doing a meaningful work or doing a deed; (2) by experiencing something or encountering someone; and (3) by having the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering and finding something positive about it. That’s it.

Why do we go conferences?

No matter how convenient the digital world is, it can’t be compared with the real-life experience of the interconnectedness of people. The power that conferences have is to create this experience that allows us to transform.


My Professional Background 

is in Public Relations and Project Management. I have been working with international organizations and small businesses on communication and marketing strategy.

“Larisa is highly regarded by peers and supervisors for her efficiency, reliability and highest standards of professionalism. In addition, I should mention that Larisa has an exceptionally pleasant personality and good sense of humour. She was a pleasure to work with for me and my team in the President’s office.”

Dr. Jeffrey Gedmin

Chairman. Global Politics and Security, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service; Senior Director, Blue Star Strategies; Co-Director, Transatlantic Renewal Project

Since 2015 I have added professional photography to my service portfolio. I believe that visual representation plays an important role in marketing strategy, and it helps brands to stand out and showcase their personality in the best way.

The words combined with the unique photography and video enhance the brand’s positioning and make it relevant to customers.

So what do I do?

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Cooperation with Business Talk is a great way to promote your brand and expand its online presence to get more traffic, reach and engagement.

If you are an entrepreneur, Business Talk will help you to showcase your brandThe right words and the high-quality photography will communicate your unique offer to customers.

Your story matters! With the story, you build the relationship with customers and motivate them to buy your product or service. At the end of the day, the human-to-human connection is the heart and soul of each business.

Make your story come to life with beautifully aligned visuals in a way that immediately connect your brand with your customers.