How young should you start building your brand?

How young should you start building your brand? Especially if this brand in the modeling industry? As a young model with no experience and business contacts, you have to be prepared to invest a lot of effort into building a name. You also need to overcome fear and self-doubt sitting across the table from skeptical model bookers, magazine editors, and photographers. A model trying to enter the industry faces tremendous odds. But, the successful one will find her way to make her dreams come true.

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Lіа Kееѕ, the winner of 2016 Mіѕѕ Eurоре beauty contest, has been working as a fаѕhіоn mоdеl ѕіnсе she was fourteen. The beauty queen was born in Kуrgуzѕtаn, Central Asia. She grew up in Prague, where her family moved when she was a kid. Now, as a professional model, she travels the world аnd wоrkѕ wіth amazing international brands.

What does it take to build a successful modeling career?

LK: I would say that the most important is to have a passion for the industry. There are many myths about the modeling profession, but as fun and glamorous the life of a model can be, it is also a very tough job. Especially now, when the industry is more saturated than ever, it is obvious that the competition is fierce. So, if you want to succeed it is not only about looking great, you have also to be fit physically and mentally. For example, a photo shoot can last for hours and can be scheduled at any time of the day. No matter how tired you are – you have to perform and remain friendly and engaged at all times – and this is possible only when you are in a good shape.

It seems that you discovered the recipe for success. What, in your opinion, are the essentials of a successful modeling career? What would be your advice to aspiring models?

“I don’t think that there is a one-size-fits-all formula for making it as a model, but I personally follow some rules. I call them the “P-Five” 🙂 and anything I do, whether I get an assignment, participate in a contest or an event, I keep them in mind.”


1. Passion

I am passionate about what I do. I think, that attempting a career of a model without having a passion for the industry will quickly bring you to a burn-out. Being a model means very long hours posing in studios (sometimes even without having time for a lunch or a snack break), spending a lot of time in airports and hotels and often facing disappointments when things don’t go as you planned. My passion helps me to go deal with all the discomfort and difficulties.

2. Performance

In today’s abundant choice it is easy to find someone else to do the job. I think the only way to become indispensable and make people choose you over your competitors is the commitment to deliver value and continually delight people you do business with. So, whatever I do, I strive to be extraordinary. I believe that it is what sets us apart from others. When I do more and do it better than it is expected of me, it enriches not only my life but also the life of those I work with.                           

3. Positive attitude

Nobody said it would be easy. I had to adopt a philosophy of optimism, so I don’t give up when it gets really rough. I believe in myself and I continue working on developing my positive attitude. What helps me is to change the focus of my thinking – I think about what I want and how I get it, instead of thinking about the obstacles that what stands between me and the results I want. Believing in yourself and your abilities make most things possible!

4. People skills

No matter how I look, how ambitious, capable, energetic I am, if I don’t relate well to other people, I won’t make it. Without a genuine interest in the people around me and the ability to establish personal bonds with them, I will be severely limited in what I can achieve. It is good to be a rewarding person to deal with. What I mean by rewarding – is being cooperative, friendly, trusting, and unselfish.


5. Persistence

It is a long journey! And it is could be as long as a million steps I know I have to take every single day. Sometimes I am in the mood to take a break, but I know what makes the difference between success and failure – it is often a matter of time: how long you give it before you give up. Tough challenges along the way are inevitable and often they dissolve the optimistic predictions I had at the beginning. But what is important is to decide to go further and put some more efforts in the next step instead of abandoning the way and resigning with failure. Persistence and the efforts, this is what brings us to success.

Where can people find more about you?

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