Love the way you look, because you are truly beautiful!

Laura Berisha studied art at the Prague School of Art and Management. But, instead of painting images on canvases, she creates beauty by emphasizing natural features of a human face. She is a makeup artist (MUA) based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Why did you decide to be an MUA?


Laura MUA-2

LB: I did a lot of art projects while studying at the Prague School of Art and Management. They were all sorts of short movies, photo, and video installations. My role in those projects was to prepare my classmates – the “actresses” for the plays. Doing their makeup I realized how powerful cosmetics could be in building self-esteem in people. But it was also a way for me to express myself artistically, and it is still the most emotional art form I know of. After the graduation, I applied for a job at the MAC retail store.

On my very first day, when I applied makeup to a woman and saw her happy smile in the mirror I got hooked and I knew that was my calling. So from that day – instead of painting images on canvases, I create beauty by emphasizing natural features of a human face 🙂

Who is your artistic inspiration?  

LB: I learned a lot from Mario DedivanovicHe works with Kim Kardashian. For me, Kim Kardashian is the most beautiful woman and I like how Mario Dedivanovic applies the style and techniques that visually sculpturing her face, accentuating the best features and masking those that don’t necessarily need attention.

Where and how do you upgrade your skills?

LB: If you’ve just started, there are many online courses, and some of the courses are really good. But, if you are a professional makeup artist – there is nothing that will substitute live master classes, where you learn firsthand by watching how the master works and then you practice and receive feedback immediately. My favorite master class was in Dubai with two makeup artists: Sonia and Fyza, who are famous for their distinctive makeup style. They specialize in makeovers for Middle Eastern skin types. In their teaching, they focus on techniques and show that there is no need in putting a lot of expensive makeup to make someone look glamorous. They teach how to create celebrity looks with less. I learned about new long-lasting makeup techniques, skin types etc. Some of it I knew already, but it was fascinating to see how they mixed tints and hues, and shape a face with contours.

Laura MUA-3

Let’s say that the master class in Dubai was a theory part, where was your practiсal part?  

LB: My real life-school was my work with Jakub Ludvik a Czech photographer. It was really tough because it was my first working experience doing makeup for photo shootings and of course I made mistakes, but it was an invaluable experience working with Jakub and learning from him. Now I know the secrets of how to do my job well and make the job of photographers easy, so they do not need to spend time retouching pictures in Photoshop! 🙂

What cosmetic products do you use?

LB: Most of the time I work with MAC cosmetics. I know the textures, how the hues look on different skin types, how they look and cover skin imperfections etc.

How do you market your brand?

LB: The huge part of marketing my services is done through referrals. This is another opportunity to say how thankful I am for having an opportunity to work with Jakub Ludwik, who introduced me to other photographers so I could start building my business network. And of course, I have an online presence – website,  on Instagram and Facebook.  

What is your biggest entrepreneurial achievement so far?

LB: It is said that success, which comes at a heavy price is the one praised the most. I would say that one of my most challenging clients was Blanka Matragi a famous Czech fashion designer. She is an amazing woman with a big charisma and a lot of energy. She was getting ready for an interview in a magazine, and for me, working with her was really a big deal. I was very nervous! At the end, all went really well and I am very proud of my work!

Laura MUA-4


What would be your advice to an aspiring MUA?

LB: I would say the first and the most important is to be patient! You just need to give it time! At the beginning it is hard to find clients, I personally had to handle two jobs to be able to pay my bills. Do it with passion and patience, and when you love what you and do not expect quick results everything will work out well your business will thrive.

Where can people find more about you?

LB: Visit my website,  book me on Instagram or send me a message on Facebook.

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