Could the magic of travel be a reason for leaving your job?

Since 2007 Margarita has been leading tours around the cities of the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland. She used to work as a German-Russian translator, but left her job to become a tour guide. In this interview, Margarita tells us what does it take to be a tour guide and what is it that motivates her to walk people around cities almost every day.

Living in a fairy tale

What made you want to become a tour guide, and how did you make it happen?

MT: I studied German and French languages at the Adygei State University, and after graduation I spent a decade working in an office cubicle, translating legal documents from German into Russian. I have to say that was not a job I enjoyed. I love working with people and the paperwork really bogged me down at that time.

So when I came to Prague in 2005 as a tourist and had an “obligatory” guided city tour I literally fell in love with the city, and I thought – why wouldn’t I try a new career as a tour guide? That happened two years later – in 2007 after I moved to Prague I took a course at the Tyrkys Tourism Academy, and here I am – celebrating my 10th working anniversary as a tour guide!

Rita Prague Brumlovka

What do you like most about your job?

MT: I feel that I am in the right place, and I do what I love for a living.

“I take a part in creating a great experience. I bring history to life and love seeing the spark in the eyes and smile on people’s faces. The magic of travel comes from unique insights about a place, which cannot be found in travel books.”

The atmosphere of the cities inspires and influence a person’s intellectual, spiritual, and emotional state. Being able to share this wonderful experience with other people is what gives me a tremendous pleasure.

On the roof alone

Is there anything you don’t like about your job?

MT: I don’t enjoy giving tours in all cities I know. I joke that I love only those cities where am in harmony with “Genius loci“. Genius loci is the Latin term meaning  “the guardian deity of a place” and sometimes I believe it exists! I love Prague, Munich, and I love Bern, but, for example, would always skip a tour to Vienna if I could. I have no other explanation why I prefer some cities to the others, but I think no one can explain how the law of attraction works 🙂

Rita Prague Brumlovka-5

What has been the greatest challenge for you?

MT: Even though I love working with people, the constant interaction can be draining. Especially when the weather is not fine or people are tired, or there are kids in a group and they are bored.  But, as a tour guide, I have to have an upbeat attitude and stay full of energy and enthusiasm during the whole tour, which can sometimes be as long as four hours. I must say, that years of working experience taught me how to preserve my energy and to not get distracted by little things. 

Rita Prague Brumlovka-9

What would you say to those who want to follow you in your footsteps and become a tour guide?

If you are a people person, love history, discovery, and love travel — then working as a tour guide might be a perfect job for you!

Prague Classic

How to book a tour with Margarita: send her a message on Facebook

Working Language: Russian

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