Six essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur

I always thought that successful entrepreneurs are only those blessed with special powers so that everything they touch instantly turns to gold, that they were born with brilliant business ideas and made their first million when they were 17 years old.

However, when I meet these terrific, hard-working people and interviewed them for this blog I realized that the majority of successful entrepreneurs do not belong to a special breed of superhumans.

But, it is true that they possess something that brings them to success:

a bulb with electrical waves inside as a symbol of power
Your powerful abilities

They are driven by an innate self-belief and self-confidence, they trust in their products and services, they are determined to make it work and keep doing it when things go wrong, and they are convinced that anything is possible. These are the “powers” that bring them to success. 

woman working on her laptop
Meryem the owner of Arganem

“I have strong personal connections with my customers. What is also very important is that my company does not only bring benefits of beauty, it also supports and provides business opportunities to people in both countries – Morocco and Germany.” — Meryem Fankhauser

To find more about Arganem visit, Facebook: Instagram @arganemoil, email:, or call directly +49 (0)176 72 19 11 98.

Lia Kees, Miss Europe 2016
Lia Kees, Miss Europe 2016,

“There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all formula for making a successful modeling career. However, I personally follow some rules and I’d recommend them to aspiring models, who want to enter the beauty and fashion industry. Here is my “Five-Ps”. — Lia Kees

  1. Passion
  2. Performance
  3. Positive attitude
  4. People skills
  5. Persistence

To connect with Lia Kees, visit her page on Instagram, Facebook,  and www.

woman sitting at a table with porcelain dish in her hand
Lana Arkhi, artist, the owner of arts-school Kent Talents

“Recently I opened my Art school Kent Talents. Almost each of my students says at the beginning that they cannot draw but already at the first lesson they create beautiful paintings and they are so proud of themselves. Art helps build self-esteem which is very important in life. Art helps to express your feelings and share your ideas with the world. I always say to my students that each person is talented, you just need time and right circumstances to discover your talent.” — Lana Arkhi

To find out more Lana Arkhi: visit her website:, Facebook page Lana Arkhi  , Instagram  Artist Lana Arkhi

“ Business is one of the most powerful forces in the world for good. With our businesses we provide jobs, meaningful work for terrific people, and most importantly, products and services that solve our customer’s problems…. hard working people like you invite their customers into a story that makes their lives better, the world itself becomes a better place” — Donald Miller

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