How to use video testimonials to promote your business

There are many different ways to approach your clients and collect testimonials, but I’ve found that video is much more powerful than a written word. It is best to showcase your business and create touch points with your current and future clients. Testimonial videos, done right, have a massive potential for educators and coaches and their businesses. 

The challenge is in getting the right kind of testimonial: one that showcases your value, the results you get for your clients, and the experience people had working with you.

So many times I stumbled across testimonials done at a very surface level. They sound like: “It was great working with Anna, she is attentive, very friendly… etc. I highly recommend Anna!”  and while those are nice words, they do very little in telling a story of what it’s like working with you. Such testimonials show no specific results or give details about the transformation your clients have experienced, and what life is like now after they took your program or coaching sessions. 

If you send your clients a generic request for giving a testimonial, 8 times out of 10 you will receive a generic “thank you” note. But it is not something that you really need.

Weaving together a compelling story of transformation means you have to ask the right questions. These questions work because they “lead” your client down a specific train of thought.

Think about your questions in terms of the end results. What would be the perfect response you’d like to hear from your client?

If you want them to talk about the reason they have chosen you, ask them: “What was about my approach to coaching that really drew you to me?” And then it gives them that space to talk about specifically your approach instead of just saying you did a great job or they have to talk about their personal problems that you both worked on.

So if you think backward you will come up with the questions that will lead your clients into the answers that you’d like them to say, without telling them what it is that you want them to say. When people talk to the camera and give rehearse answers it comes off very staged.

Another example would be: what was something that was less expected about the coaching? It is a very open question but again it makes your clients think past that – oh, it was nice working together! The answer, in this case, could be something like: well I wouldn’t expect it is so easy to explore my thinking/ set and reach goals/ stop overeating etc.


  • What was the greatest benefit you’ve got out of our program/coaching sessions?
  • What was the problem you were having before you discovered our service?
  • What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?
  • What was different about our product?
  • Take us to the moment when you realize our service was actually working to solve your problem?
  • Tell us what life looks now that your problem is solved or being solved.

Whatever it is you want them to say – make sure it feels like a conversation. Start with a small talk and build that feeling of a conversation, so they feel comfortable in front of the camera when you start asking real questions.  

Once you capture the testimonials and edit the video – feature it everywhere – in your emails, promo videos, keynote speeches, live interviews, and events. The point is that people are drawn to positive changes. When they see positive changes in others, they want it for themselves. The more we feature how your programs or coaching help your clients to experience positive change, the faster your business will grow.


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