How to get more clients with your email signature

How many emails do you send out every day, week or month: following up with new contacts after a networking event, connecting with prospects or corresponding with existing customers?

Every email goes out with your email signature. Why don’t use it to get more clients?

Your email signature is the number one marketing opportunity that you have probably overlooked!

How to use this simple way to market your business?

There are no tactics that work better than video when you want to create a deeper connection and engage your audience more effectively with your brand. Adding an introduction video to your email signature will offer your audience a glimpse into the experience of working with you and give a preview of your unique characteristics.

But what do you actually say in such an introduction?

Even the name “introductory video” might imply that this video will be about you, the reason someone is watching it – is what’s in it for them. In other words, they want to know how and if you are able to help them to solve their problems. Assuming that you send emails to the people in your target audience, the introductory video is all about knowing your audience and how your product or service is aligned with their needs.

How to create a great introduction?

A solid script is a key to a successful introduction video. However, writing an effective script shouldn’t be the torments of creative works.

It just has to have a clear structure that addresses the most important points:

  • Who is your target audience

  • What are your customer’s needs, or what problem are they trying to solve

  • What solution do you offer

  • Why are you qualified to solve their problem

  • What are the benefits your customers get by using your service

  • Your Call To Action

Following this structure will help you to determine the focus of the script and narrow down your points to what is relevant to your audience. This structure will also help you to keep the introduction short. The reason it has to be 60 seconds long is our evaporating attention spans and a lost art of our cognitive ability to concentrate. Remember it is important to be concise, precise and specific in choosing your words.

The other important aspects you need to consider are the tone and visual style of your video. Whether your introduction is humorous, serious or poetic – it should be in alignment with your brand.

The same rule applies to the location where you shoot the video. As in the real estate, the shooting location plays a huge role. Your choice will determine other decisions such as lightning and whether you need to bring an additional light, what props if any will you use, what attire will you wear, and what color will look the best and which one you’d better avoid.

To summarise: here is the whole process of production of your introduction video

  • Development: work on the script focusing on the most important points

  • Pre-Production: plan on location, what to wear and practice, practice, practice

  • Production: this is when the camera rolls, take a deep breath and: Action!

  • Post-production: edit your video

  • Distribution: include in your email signature, upload to your website and social media platforms


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Photo: rawpixel on Unsplash

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