My Professional Background 

is in Public Relations and Project Management. I have been working with international organizations and small businesses on communication and marketing strategy.

“Larisa is highly regarded by peers and supervisors for her efficiency, reliability and highest standards of professionalism. In addition, I should mention that Larisa has an exceptionally pleasant personality and good sense of humour. She was a pleasure to work with for me and my team in the President’s office.”

Dr. Jeffrey Gedmin

Chairman. Global Politics and Security, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service; Senior Director, Blue Star Strategies; Co-Director, Transatlantic Renewal Project

Since 2015 I have added professional photography to my service portfolio. I believe that visual representation plays an important role in marketing strategy, and it helps brands to stand out and showcase their personality in the best way.

The words combined with the unique photography and video enhance the brand’s positioning and make it relevant to customers.

So what do I do?

I help business owners to market their brands with written and visual content. 



I have known Larissa for a decade. As a journalist for outlets such as the New York Times and USA Today, and as a journalism professor with New York University’s Prague location, I work with hundreds of sources, experts, and media relations advisers through my job as a professor and as a journalist, and Larissa is by far one of my most valued and professional contacts. She is able to understand the exact nature of any request and refine an experience for a specific audience based on the needs of a client. This is a rare ability for PR professionals; she actually listens to people and then makes appropriate measures to accommodate diverse requirements.”

Dinah Spritzer


Long story short: I was born and grew up in Central Asia. In the late 90s, my family and I moved to Prague, Czech Republic. In 2015 love brought me to Germany.  So, for any foreseeable future, I have no plans to relocate 🙂 I speak Russian, English, Czech, and German, and share my time between two beautiful cities: Heidelberg and Prague.