How to tell a great story to engage your audience

two women sit at the table and speaking. One listens to what the other says.

How to get people to listen to you? What do you say to engage them and make remember what you’ve said?

The most effective way to do so is by telling a great story.  Stories help the audience understand who we are. And most importantly they give our audience the reason to interact with us and join us on our journey.

How to tell a great story?

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Why do we go conferences?

unsplash-logoTim Marshall

Have you ever considered for what reason you are spending all that money and time? Of course, you can list  “7 reasons of why you should go” – like learning new tips and tricks and having networking opportunities, but it can’t be only for that. Because, really – everything is available online. For tips and tricks, there are blog posts to read, for learning, there are online courses to take, for connecting with your peers there are Facebook and LinkedIn groups to join – and you do it all at your leisure…

But, no matter how convenient the digital world is, it can’t be compared with the real-life experience of the interconnectedness of people. The power that conferences have is to create this experience that allows us to transform.

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Three characteristics​ of Prague’s most charismatic female leader

Lenka Stastna

What are the personality traits a leader must have to turn a simple networking dinner into a world-class conference?

Equal Pay Day – Women to Themselves is the biggest empowering women’s conference in the Czech Republic. The conference helps thousands of women to develop their interpersonal and professional skills, such as leadership, mentoring, and conflict resolution, which are essential to any career. This year the event brings together 1,400  participants from the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, and Austria.

In this interview, I wanted to back up the story a little bit because I don’t think you can talk about the event without talking about the host. Please let me introduce Lenka Stastna, the president and the woman behind the Equal Pay Day – Women to Themselves conference, the largest event in its space.

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